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Tae Kwon Do Educational Center

About Us

Educational Programs

Our children's program sets the goal of good and positive attitude. We constantly communicate with parents and teachers to discuss sharing exercise of the mind and body, teaching our children to become a better person. The exercises at Tae Kwon Education Center focus on releasing the children's energy in a positive manner, emphasizing the non-physical aspects of their daily lives: Courtesy, Integrity, Perseverance, Self-Control and Indomitable Will.

Dedication to the Community

Master Lee's dedication to the community is one of his goals: working with D.A.R.E, PAL program, participating in fundraising for foster children and school districts. He believes that a better community makes for a better future for our children, in short, a better future for everyone

Great Instruction

Master Lee received his B.A. Degree in Martial Arts and P.E. from one of the most prestigious schools in Martial Arts, Yong In University located in South Korea. In addition, he holds Minor studies in Child Psychology. Through years of training in various styles of Martial Arts, he offers the best in martial arts instruction. He performs all around the world and holds self-defense seminars at various universities. He is a world renowed Master and has a passion to extending his knowledge and experience to the next generations.

All Classes Instructed by Master Lee

Given his goal to help children, Master Lee emphasizes each student's individual goals and self-improvement, training each student equally. Master Lee is not just an observer, he trains with his students to demonstrate movement. You will feel satisfied at Tae Kwon Eduational Center with continual work and improved technique through our programs.

Organized & Structured Programs

Our programs are designed by Master Lee and are designed to teach life skills through Tae Kwon Do training. Each program gives motivation to every student at every level. We give proper challenges that leave our students, even black belt students, striving to continue toward their next belt. Each program challenges the mind and body, improving focus and concentration with patience and perseverance.