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Tae Kwon Do Educational Center

Child Program

Our Children's Program is designed for small classes to achieve short term goals. Through the belt ranking system, children are motivated and challenged to earn their color stripes between each belt test. We strive for all our students to reach their ultimate goal, Black Belt and beyond.

Adult Program

Our Adult Program focuses on fitness and self-defense. The training exercises involve movement of the entire body, promoting good health, fitness, flexibility and a feeling of well-being. Over time, adults feel relaxed, confident, energetic and motivated to excel.

About Master Lee

Master Jung S. Lee was born in the southern part of South Korea. Like many boys his age, Master Lee was fascinated with Bruce Lee and spent much of his time reading about Bruce Lee's style Jeet Kune Do and Hap Ki Do. He began Tae Kwon Do training at the age of 10 and Hap Ki Do training during his high school years. By the time he was accepted into Yong In University (formerly Judo College), he had attained a 2nd dan (2nd rank) black belt. Despite having students that were higher ranks in his class, his talents were readily apparent and was chosen as one of the elite members of the demonstration team as well as being the team captain of Yong In University Hap Ki Do team. Master Lee also trained Judo, Aikido and Kick Boxing in college and is a first degree black belt in Judo. He was also a founding member of the Korean Tigers Tae Kwon Do team and the Taigon Tae Kwon Body Guard Team. Having graduated with a Bachelor's degree in Martial Arts and Physical Education, he became active as both a trainer and a coach.

As part of the demonstration team during his time at Yong In University, he traveled all over the world, including USA, to which he moved to after completing his Army tour and schooling. He first worked in New Jersey and then later opened his own studio in Gresham, Oregon and taught there for 10 years. He now owns a studio in Santa Clarita and Tae Kwon Educational Center is the fastest growing studio in this area with Master Lee's unique program coupled with his deep experience and enthusiasm for Martial Arts.

  • B.A. Martial Arts and P.E., Yong In University
  • Minor in Child Psychology
  • Taigon Tae Kwon Do Bodyguard Team Founding Member
  • Yong In University Hap Ki Do Team Captain
  • Performer of Martial Arts around the World
  • Poster Model for Arnold Schwarzenegger World Game
  • Actor in TV Show "Doctor 90210"
  • Author of "Total Self Defense for Women" DVD